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1882 Ltd.

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Lilyfoot, work in progress, photography by Andrew F Wood

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Shona Heath

Lilyfoot. A magical limited-edition sculptural light crafted in stoneware, wood and opalescent glass made in collaboration with the dynamic design-driven ceramics brand 1882 Ltd. and the Oscar-nominated set designer and artistic director Shona Heath. “Lilyfoot (they) is an evolved dreamlike character. They have come from a small hidden corner of a set I conceived for a Tim Walker photograph, inspired by a 16th century teenage girl’s secret musical box," explains Heath.

About 1882 Ltd.

Expertise/ Design driven ceramics

Founded in 2011, 1882 Ltd. is a design driven ceramics company based in Stoke-on-Trent, England founded by Emily Johnson and her father Chris, fourth and fifth generations of the esteemed Johnson Brothers pottery family. Design and craftsmanship ignite 1882 Ltd.’s progressive, innovative and dynamic ethos, where Emily and Chris’s mission is to bring together and celebrate traditional skills honed over centuries, handed down one from generation to the next, with contemporary thought and silhouette to create 21st century pieces imbued with both modernity as well as the history of Stoke-on-Trent, home to the UK’s renowned pottery industry for over three centuries. 1882 Ltd.’s Icon Collection challenges and breaks the boundaries with one-off and limited-edition ceramic pieces, working with the leading lights of the design world.


Shona Heath

Christopher and Emily Johnson



Wedgwood Drive Barlaston Stoke on Trent, UK