Esmal Enamel Process - The true marvel of this particular process, developed by æquō and Florence Louisy, unfolds when the carefully crafted pieces are placed within a grand, crackling wood fire.
Florence Louisy, Esmal Console

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Florence Louisy

Frédéric Imbert

Esmal Collection. A fusion of glass and copper, borne from the embers of a wood fire. Enameling, an ancient art form with its origins traced back to the illustrious Mughal era in India, takes center stage in the Esmal Collection. Curated as a collector's office space, æquō unveils experimental pieces resulting from an ongoing collaboration between contemporary designers and traditional Indian techniques. From the proud allure of oxidized copper in Jaipur to the burnt enameled pieces in Alibag, the intricate silver inlay from Bidar, and the meticulously folded brass sheets by the Patra Peti box makers in Mumbai - each creation pays a profound tribute to India's rich craft heritage.

About Aequo Gallery

Expertise/ A space where three forces meet with equal intrigue: makers, designers and materials.

æquō was founded by Tarini Jindal Handa in 2022, as India’s first collectible design gallery. Under the vision of creative director Florence Louisy, the experimental project based in Mumbai introduces global designers to fine Indian craftsmanship, giving global importance to the country’s artisanal heritage. By inviting global minds to work locally, we adopt and create new lenses and unique languages to revisit Indian heritage. Contemporary designers encounter India’s diverse and profound techniques through æquō’s extensive network of artisans. These makers, who work with an astonishing sensibility toward our country’s varied raw materials, are placed in dialogue with designers to explore what happens when the familiar seeks the unknown. In this grand design adventure, we create unique collectible pieces. Each of them carries a story rooted in India, yearning to be told to the world at large.


Florence Louisy

Frédéric Imbert

Tarini Jindal Handa & Florence Louisy



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