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Hun Chung Lee

Hun Chung Lee's pieces eloquently express harmony with nature. Sometimes, they seamlessly integrates into everyday life, harmonizing with nature while providing functionality. Thus, his pieces not only enhance the natural surroundings but also serve a practical purpose, enriching our lives with both aesthetic appeal and utility. If you're interested in witnessing the captivating fusion of nature and art, we invite you to visit our gallery, ARTED.


Expertise/ Contemporary Art and Design

As CEO, P.J. Park brings a depth of experience in the art industry, with a diverse background as a gallerist, collector, and advisor. With over 20 years of experience in the international art market, P.J. guides new and experienced private and corporate collectors by evaluating each client’s collection and setting goals with a focus on building the best art collection over the long term. Along with extensive knowledge and experience, with his long-standing relationships with top international art galleries, museums, auction houses, and private dealers, and attends major arts events, ensuring access to the best material and key insights on the market, P.J. guides clients to distinguish important artworks for acquisitions from both the primary and secondary markets such as galleries, private art collections, and public art auctions. With a decade of gallery operation and curation experience in Korea, PJ has curated exhibitions featuring emerging artists as well as established figures such as Edie Martinez, George Condo, Kenny Scharf, Damien Hirst, Donald Judd, and Josef Albers. Leveraging this extensive experience, PJ actively curates and provides personalized advisory services, as well as serving as Hyundai Card Corporation's official corporate art advisor.


Hun Chung Lee



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