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The Arch by Nick Thomm is radiant portal in a classic architectural form. Passing through an arch symbolises rebirth, leaving behind the old and entering the new.

Nick Thomm

Nick Thomm

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Expertise/ Large scale, hyper-color Spectral Paintings and immersive projection installations.

Nick Thomm is an Australian Artist living and working in Los Angeles, known for his large scale, hyper-color Spectral Paintings and immersive projection installations. Through his work Thomm explores modern color systems, abstract image construction, and the merge of traditional art with technology, resulting in a hypnotic combination of form and color. Thomm's paintings have been exhibited at prominent international Museums and Galleries, including the ‘New Museum’ in New York, the ‘Moco Museum' in Barcelona, and ‘The National Gallery of Victoria’ in Melbourne. His commissioned works notably include multiple artworks for the LVMH collection, Louis Vuitton and Tiffany & Co. A three story video wall on Oxford Street, London, in partnership with W1 Curates. The 'Storm Artura' supercar design for McLaren at the Miami F1 Grand Prix, a large-scale mural created for Miley Cyrus in her Los Angeles home, and numerous other projects. Thomm also maintains a second studio location in Melbourne, Australia.


Nick Thomm

Nick Thomm



Los Angeles