Coming to DESIGN MIAMI.LA 2024

Raise The Moral


Moral Turgeman, Caterpillar, 2023

Becoming Familiar. The exhibit invites a remembrance and reconnection within the human body through sensorially immersive functional design. At Design Miami, the artists incorporate vibration in a new way – through tactile delivery of soundwaves within functional art objects.

About Raise The Moral

Expertise/ Experiential & Sensorial Design

Raise the Moral Studio was conceptualized in 2017 with a focus on sensorial & experiential design by artist and founder Moral Turgeman. The studio has collaborated with creative partner and designer Kelsey Falter through a commissioned sound installation in upstate New York, a multi-sensorial exhibition focused on frequency on Canal St., an immersive property in Portugal, and now “Becoming Familiar” at Design Miami.


Moral Turgeman

Kelsey Falter

Moral Turgeman and Kelsey Falter

Los Angeles